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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Soap and Glory Fab Pore review

I bought this on my boots points the other day. I haven't had chance to take a picture yet.

The 15 minute facial peel comes in a small white pot and you get 50g for £7.00. Not a high price for a face mask really, but the amount they tell you to use (grape sized) and the size of the pot makes me wish it came in a bigger pot for more money.

Never one to follow instructions properly I applied it in my usual way in thin layers until It was opaque all over my face and found I used significantly less than the amount they recommend. It spreads easily as a white cream and is "wet" enough that it didn't drag on my skin and ball up on my fingers as drier masks can do. As it sits on your face it feels damp and cooling and not at all burny as the "peel" makes me think. It doesn't dry on the skin, so doesn't have the tightness usually associated with masks containing clay, but there's something about it that makes you think it's doing *something*.

Next I washed my hair and hoped that it didn't melt off in the humidity, which pleasingly it did not. Nor did I get patches where it splashed off, so hurrah there. After 5 mins I caved and wanted to see if it had any effect. The pot says to leave it on for 15 mins or 5 for a "quick refresh". This isn't a splash off mask, I rubbed it off under the shower head and then rinsed my skin with my normal clinque face soap before I felt it was really "off".

Looking in the mirror afterwards I nearly fell over! The pores on my nose and cheeks cause me misery daily. To me they seem vast and cavernous and they are all I see when I first look in the mirror. After just 5 mins in this they looked small, greatly reduced in colour, scrubbed out and not at all flaky and dry as I had feared.

3 days later the initial super tightening (which I assume is from the magical mushroom qualities of the product) has worn off somewhat, but my pores are still on the smaller side of "normal" which for me is simply astounding. Make up goes on smoother and doesn't sink into my skin towards the end of the day. This is simply the best facial product I have ever used and I don't think I'm alone.

This little pot of magic has clocked up 69 rave reviews on where it can be purchased, often on 3 for 2 (score!!!) in fact, you should probably just get some now, right away before I buy it all.

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