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Friday, 10 September 2010

Nail Varnish: A Love Story

Hello there!

I am the infamous Hanibee! You may have seen my stunning face around here, in the photos of my amateur attempts at unique eye makeup, on previous posts. I am here at the request of the lovely lady Sammi, to contribute to her wonderful blog and write about my experiences of makeup and more specifically, my obsession with Nail Varnish and the colour Purple.

Let me first begin by saying that when I use the word 'obsession', I do not mean this lightly. Growing up I had well over 200 bottles of varnish in my various and numerous makeup boxes, that cluttered my parents' house.... However! Before I set off for university my Mother made me throw out all of the varnishes I did not use, all the ones that had turned into gloop and all those that were duplicates. This ordeal left me with a mere 10 bottles, my absolute favourite of which, was the gorgeously deep, sanguine red No 17, 'Dragon's Blood'.

I loved this varnish, so very, very much. It was dark, gothic and had the word DRAGON in it's name, it was perfect. So when it came time to apply the last remnants of my beloved Dragon's Blood, I decided that instead of accumulating hundreds of varnishes, that would be left unloved and unworn, never to be mourned when the bottle needed to be tipped to cover the brush enough to apply even one nail... I would be more strict with myself and I would treat all my varnishes as I had my Dragon's Blood.

Five years later and I think I've done pretty well, my collection is only 40 bottles big (yes this may seem like a lot to some but to me it is a tiny number) and consists of mainly purples, blues and reds. Now, some of them may not be my absolute favourites and yes, some of them I really do need to use more, but how can a girl forgo a new and glorious purple for a green she bought on a whim!? Preposterous. Purple is just far too seductive to me, it can be light and happy, dark and gothic, deep and regal or if I'm feeling particularly feminine, bright and girly. There is simply no colour that matches it in beauty or versatility. J'adore Pourpre!

And therein lies my problem, how do I keep strict with myself when it seems that purple is getting a real look in now in terms of varnish? It's just not fair. Well, there is hope, that being that my involvement in this blog and my continuing rants about my obsession, will not only distract me from buying new varnishes before I have used my existing ones, but it will also help me pay some much needed attention to the long forgotten colours at the bottom of my makeup bag.... Like yellow, green, even sparkly pink! *gasp*

Hanibee out! <3

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