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Sunday, 12 September 2010

DuWop Tinted Prime

I bought this last year but haven't got around to photographing it until now. I bought shade "Tango" which is described as a sheer blackberry.

Packaging -
A slim shimmery grey tube about three inches long. The product inside is a narrow pencil like stick with a slant top. It twists up and down and applies like a standard lipstick.

The formula -
Applies smoothly on the whole, feels rather waxy and drags a little but application has always been even for me. Pigmentation is good, sheer but definitely noticeable with a soft sublte sheen. There's no shimmer to this product and it actually looks quite natural in an odd sort of way. Prime venom makes claims to being a protective balm, and my lips do feel comfortable when wearing it, but I can't say that it feels particularly moisturising due to the waxyness.

The DuWop magic -
Of course the main selling point for this is as part of the famous "Venom" range. Once applied there is a gentle minty "humm" that on me lasts for about 20 minutes before fading. When applied the spicy scent is still detectable which is a little off putting if like me you are prone to headaches. As it write this my nose wrinkles up in discomfort, not because it's an unpleasant smell, it's quite nice in a medical sort of way, but because having something so close to my nose is aggravating my existing migraine. Ouch!
As far as plumping goes, I don't notice a major effect, but then my lips aren't small and arguably not in need of plumping. What it certainly does do, is make the wearer more aware of their lips, which feels nice. The confidence boost that you've got a little help probably goes a long way into that pouty lip feeling!

Applied alone over bare lips
As you can see the awkward patch on my bottom lip that resists being covered can still be seen, but in a sheer product that was to be expected.

This product costs £14.50 and can be purchased here. If you are looking for a nice balmy stain that gives a fuller appearance without the burn of some plumpers this is a good choice.

Other shades available;

Samba- Peach
Cha Cha - Nude

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