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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes review

Today I received an Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in shade Binge, a lovely dark blue, as a gift from the wonderful Hanibee.

I've been apprehensive about trying liquid eyeliners in the past, I always end up with a smudgy mess, but hearing HausFrau and Hanibee's assurances, and given the - to die for - shade of blue, I was excited to give it a try.

Shown in Green (Mine is Blue!)
As it's late at night please forgive the stock photo. (All credit to Urban

The packaging as you can see is long and thin, it's about 10cm long by and Inch wide and has a gorgeous peacock image emblazoned on the case. I don't find the mirror inside particularly useful for application, I like to see my whole eye when applying eye make up, but some might find it useful, and It's a nice thoughtful inclusion.

One of the best things about Urban Decay products, is that the default tools found within their sets are always high quality, and this is no exception. In fact I found this brush easier to use than others I've purchased specifically for purpose.

The ink itself is softer than expected. I applied one line across my upper lids with ease, it came out straighter than I've ever achieved with even pencil liners, but would require two, three or more coats to get an opaque line. While I'd prefer a more defined line initially, the subtlety of a single coat can't be under-sold. For a softer day-time definition, or to add a little interest to a work look, I can see the soft blue line coming in very useful, and I'm glad the option is there.

One thin coat, no mascara.

After building up just a little you get a good density of colour. The blue is a surprisingly warm shade that works well with my irritating skin tone where too warm colours leave me looking dirty, and too cool makes me look washed out.

Again I apologise for the lack of mascara.

After playing around with this product for just a few minutes I've managed to line my eyes neater and faster than pencils have ever achieved. Given half a chance I'd grab this in every colour going. Fingers crossed that the currently US exclusive iridescent glitter shade crosses the ocean and into my waiting grabby hands soon!

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes can be found at many online stockists including Debenhams (Where there is currently a SALE), House of Fraser, and Boots.

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  1. Between us we have three of the colours now ^_^
    You have the blue, Haus Frau has the black and I, of course, have the purple XD

    Glad you like it sweetie <3 xxx