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Friday, 17 September 2010

Quality, on the cheap.

After three days of wearing the Collection 2000 dupe, I was rather impatient to review it, yet have not had a chance to upload it, so here is the judgment of Midnight Rouge!

After three days of wear, there was some chipping on the tips of my weakest nails, (alas I have two that like to flake :( ) however this is to be expected from my nails.

Curse you weak nails! Aside from this however there was zero tip wear and my nails looked freshly applied on the other hand!

Glorious! They are still marvelously glossy and very pretty.

Let's break it down! Collection 2000 Lasting Colour, Midnight Rouge, COME FORWARD!

Colour: 3/5

It pains me to say that this colour was not very close to the Dragon's Blood varnish, it was far more on the burgundy side and didn't have that deep, red, glow that I so fondly remember of Dragon's Blood. It is however a beautiful varnish.

Gloss: 3/5

It wasn't *quite* as glossy as the L'Oreal varnish but it was still lovely and shiny, especially in the sunlight.

Cost: 5/5

At £2.49 you really can't go wrong with this varnish.

Wear: 5/5

Three days, minimal chipping and only on the nails of *mine* that I expect to chip, zero tip wear and no smudging. If I wasn't such an impatient lady I'd like to see if it could last ten days! I wouldn't be surprised if it did :)

Overall it kicked L'Oreal's arse! If you're looking for an affordable, lasting varnish, then I highly recommend this!

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