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Thursday, 9 September 2010

I believe they call it Vampire Chic?

That's the new term for what has previously been labeled "gothic", "victorian", or "smoky" in the past XD. Yet again the blackened velvet shades of my youth have returned for their autumn revival. Not that i'm complaining of course, Autumn always puts me in mind of blackberries, velvet,  plums, crisp bronze leaves and of course, the icy pathway to that most glorious of seasons...CHRISTMAS ^_^.

In this spirit I thought I'd share with you the deliciously decadent Bobbi Brown collection that my magpie eyes spotted around the blogosphere.


With scrumptious names like "Black Chocolate", "Black Cherry" and "Black Maple", I'm reminded of Clinique's infamous "Black Honey" almost lipstick, of which I am a sworn devotee. Indeed, the colours in this collection do have the same blackened berry hues, but Bobbi offers us a veritable plethora of finishes and textures to adorn ourselves with. I'm definately excited about the colours and range, but most of these will be a little out of my price range, for someone on a student teacher budget, this is more a statement piece event.

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