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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lush Skincare Event

As promised the lush skincare event review! ^_^ Hurrah!

Location: Lush Hull store

Our group's consultation began at 6pm, we headed in a little early and were greeted straight away by a cheery staff member who presented us with lovely envelopes with our names on and sealed with a lush sticker! Exciting! As one or two people from the earlier appointment were finishing off we browsed the shop and were delighted to see a range of RetroLush products laid out for us to sniff and play with, including the flying saucers showergel/bubble bath that I hadn't seen before.

Lovely RetroLush!

Soon after, the other happy customers left and our group remained. We were seated on comfy chairs and given a detailed consultation of our skin care worries. We each chose whether we would prefer a facial treat or a foot treat.
First any long hair was tied back in a lovely pink ribbon before our faces were scrubbed lovely and almost porelessly clean....(tbc)

Lovely pink bow

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