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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Free Ciate Nail Polish with Marie Claire

A Brilliant deal in this month's Marie Claire magazine as these polishes normally retail for £9 each. The magazine is only £3.50. I say "only". If it weren't for the free posh nail polish I wouldn't be too impressed at paying £3.50 for advertisements and one or two articles I could easily find online.

On the subject, Ciate nail polishes ASOS edition are down to £1 on ASOS at the moment so hurrah!

As it stands I've painted one coat of my free polish shade "dangerous affair" and it is streaky as hell. I'm going to do the second coat of course, but I always personally find that two coats makes my nail polish more likley to chip, not less! I can't get Illamasqua prism to last more than 5 hours with two coats, it peels off, but with one coat I took it off after 7 days out of boredom!


Ok second coat applied now. The colour is true to the bottle and very shiny. They dry quickly to the touch but with all nail polish i'd leave it at least 20 mins before doing anything that might scrape all your hard work off.

The brush in these is large, which is great, but the polish in this shade was a lot thicker than i'm used to and I made a mess all around the edges of my nail. I think if the brush was more shaped with a curve, like the fantastic (and cheaper) bourjois brush that application would be easier. Because the polish is so thick it does tend to drag unless you have a lot of liquid on the brush, though then you increase the risk of making a big mess!

 I like the colour and the gloss, it's not too warm on my pale skin, which is nice and the darker colour isn't as bad as some for making fingers look stubby. Just inspecting them closely, the application is smooth now, but all of the streaking and dragging in the first coat makes me think that i'm going to be seeing lots of tip wear in lieu of chipping, when ideally of course I'd like it to do neither, like the glorious max factor nail finity polishes.

As you can tell, so far i'm not incredibly keen. I do genuinely like the colour, which I wasn't expecting to, but the polish is just so thick and sticky and hard to work with compared to other polishes I own that I struggle not to be irritated.

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  1. I think, alas huni, that you're far too used to sheer polishes, as the two other Ciate's I have have a wonderful formula, not thick at all.

    But I have yet to try the freebie, so I will let you know what I think when I do <3