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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Upcoming reviews, rant

I've got some lovely recent buys to review, my clinique three step skin care system, Olay 3 point super serum, a sample of a fab looking clinique serum, Ellis Faas creamy lips and Urban Decay ink for eyes! Lovely Jubly.

I'm also going to be running a polish review with the delectable Hanibee, so look out for that.

Rant time:
It's no secret that I'm not skinny. I've always been "chubby" even when I was slim when I was younger, that's in part thanks to genetics, I'm never going to be waif like, and partly because I like cupcakes. With breasts that put Jessica Rabbit to shame no matter my dress size, it's easier on my balance, and therefore - back - if I'm a bit on the heavier side, and for the most part, I'm ok with that. I eat well, I'm vegetarian and enjoy mixed fruits and veggies, I exercise, though I should do more and I'm not unhealthy.

Taking this into account, I get really quite peeved when I visit the doctors for something like a chest infection, or broken toes and am told I'd be healthier if I lost a little weight. Now, I know we are all supposed to be more healthy now, that's fine, but these are doctors who know full well that nigh on two stone of me (yes you read that right) is breast that DID NOT reduce when the rest of me did. Doctors who know that since turning vegetarian I eat far better than most and Doctors who know that my job involves more exercise than most people take. Doctors who know, I might add, that I want to talk to them about the problem I came in with, now I don't know about you, but I tend to go to my doctor with a purpose, with a specific ailment, I don't ever recall ask "so what would YOU like to talk about today doctor?"

In short, I don't need someone with six years of medical training to tell me my cheeks are chubby and my thighs could do with shrinking. I can walk into any council estate and I'm sure I can find a yob who will tell me this for merely the price of my taxes paying his dole money. Bargain! As it stands, Barry the Chav is offering me better value for my taxes with his diagnostics than Peter the Doctor. Surely it isn't just me wondering if the doctor thinks I come in for fun, why, why, WHY would I come in to ask about something I can diagnose by virtue of HAVING EYES? Why would I do that? Pro tip - If I'm coming in to see you Mr/Mrs Doctor (something I HATE doing) it's because I can't diagnose it myself. Have a good long think now, If Barry the Chav is astute enough to notice my butt could be smaller, there's a pretty good chance that I've managed to work that out on my own.

Little note here Doc, I know that I should move more and try to eat even better, that's why I do those things. When I come in to talk to you about my lung infection, it's because I can't prescribe myself antiobiotics and I can't diagnose my specific infection. It may come as a shock to you, but I am perfectly capable of diagnosing "should exercise more" all by my very own self. I've accepted that I'm never going to be slender and delicate, even you admit that my health isn't affected, lets move on from this now shall we?

It's lazy doctoring. Seriously guys, how lazy are you? The number of people I know who are diagnosed BEFORE THEY HAVE SPOKEN with "eat more" or "eat less" just beggars belief. That's why it pisses me off. Being a bit heavier than you or I would like "probably isn't helping" my broken toes, I agree with you, but believe it or not, I didn't come in to ask you for "probably" or your opinion or judgement, I came in to *inform* you of an ailment, most of the time it seems one that I can diagnose faster than you can (you've paid for medical school, put it to good use man and stop taking diagnostic advice from fat or, and to ask what I should do about that ailment. If I want probablies I'll go to a wise old woman.

Disagree with me all you like, but you can't tell me that using people's weight (whether it be slightly over or under) as an automatic diagnosis for all ailments before you've even thought about it, is a good use of years of medical training.

For the record dudes, if you want to know why I'm so mistrusting of your kind it's because when my breasts were causing me chronic back pain, when I was depressed and upset, when I was 16 and comfortably fit in my size 10 jeans - your only suggestion was to "lose weight" ignoring the weight I'd ALREADY lost while my breasts remained the same, ignoring the extra weight that they themselves added to me. Really helpful, thanks for that. In case you were wondering, no it didn't help, so I gave up. It's far easier for me to carry these around with a bit more weight on me, I'm more balanced. Sure I'd like to be slimmer, most women would, but I don't see the point in working out to be smaller than I naturally would be on a good diet and exercise plan only to be told I'm still heavy, regardless of my measurements. Strap a few bags of sugar to your chest, carry it round for a few days, see what it does to your weight and your back Dr unhelpfull.

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  1. I agree totally. I've always been a large child, in part due to genetics, but it has to be said that I'm also a bit lazy and greedy which doesn't help. Having said that, I'm exactly the same dress size I was when I was a young teenager. IN that time I have learnt a martial art, played badminton on a regular basis, eaten a BUTTLOAD of fast food (and healthy food) sat on my arse for prolonged perods of my life and had a very busy job.
    Many women complain that their weight yo-yo's frequently from diets and exercise as then giving in or relaxing. Mine doesn't. I'm aware that if I put in a massive amount of effort I could shift the weight, but it has to be said my physical activity and eating habits have varied greatly over the years. And yet, I can still fit into the same clothes I had in early secondary school. This is my natural weight and I accept this and am comfortable with it. But when ever I go to the doctors I also get my weight mentioned.
    "I am sad :("
    "Is it cause you is fat?"
    " -.-; ... nu. I have always been this size, and happy."

    "I have cramp in my arm!"
    "Is it cause you is fat?"
    " -.-; ... nu. I have always been this size, and my arm worked."

    And so on...
    ...Maybe I should just get a special T-Shirt printed when I go to the doctors: "I already know I am fat. You do not need to tell me."