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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Only celebrities can design their own fragrance?

Not anymore!

Image property of Epically Epic Soaps @ Etsy

Epically Epic (Great name!) soaps from the glorious Etsy let you choose your own scents to combine into your prefect custom blended fragrance. The list of choices is huge, so huge that I had to message and ask for help in choosing the perfect blend for my sister. I messaged the owner and got a super quick and helpful response, I really felt that the owner knows their stuff!

For myself I've asked for the smell of gingerbread cooking, my favourite smell!

At only $8.50 each these oils promise to melt into the skin, linger better than water based scents and last longer in the bottle to boot!

As soon as these arrive I'll post up a review but if you just can't wait here is a direct link!

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