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Monday, 13 December 2010

Early o'clock

Actually managed to make it in this morning across the sheet ice. Took about 20 minutes to get to the bus stop and it usually takes about 3! After a heroic 3 hours of decent sleep thanks to waking up every ten minutes or so and panicking that I'd slept through my alarm I finally got up at early o'clock, 5 am, otherwise known as "at least two hours before reasonable o'clock".

Christmas nailpolish on today to keep my spirits up and remind me that time to sleep Christmas holiday will soon be here. Number 17's shimmery ivy coloured "exquisite" needs three coats to not look like a streaky mess but the final result is a stunning green with a beautiful depth. Layered over alternate nails is an NYC red jelly with twinkly glitter. Keeping the sparkle just to odd fingers stops it from bring two overdone I think as well as keeps my dreams free from nightmare images of chiseling glitter polishes from my finger tips.

I do adore glitter nail polishes, but come removal time, give me shimmer or a nice metallic any day!

I apologise for the lack of photo, but the cold weather we've had (known in the tabloids as the big freeze!) led my camera screen to shatter (-11 degrees!!!) so I'm waiting impatiently for the replacement to arrive. So far I've been really happy with Kodaks customer service.
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