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Friday, 3 December 2010

Being aware of bullshit

It is important that we as consumers remember that the cosmetic industry is as much filled with lies and deceit as the magazine industry. At the end of the day these companies want us to buy things and whether we love them or whether they are bad for us is of little consequence. We bought it and we'll almost certainly buy again, if not from them, then from another company. Another company they conveniently also own.

Any belief I ever had that cosmetic companies genuinely mean what they say about their products was cracked the moment I learned that nearly all companies are owned by a few giants. Giants I might add who's own name brand products I'm not actually a fan of.

Of course there are people in the industry who want to make something new and are excited about innovation, there are products out there that most of us adore, it just means that we should be aware of what we are buying. Try to reward innovation and truth with purchases rather than reward bullshitting. IF we can that is!

On this note this post from highlights the cut throat world of the cosmetics industry. The blog is really interesting and well worth a read, it never hurts to be a little more informed as a consumer.

"Bullshit Short Story 1: The Brush Brush-Off With L'Ucifer

Once upon a time, in a little town somewhere in Germany, there was a small company who was little known to most of the world.  

But, to the people who work in mascaras, in spite of its size, its reputation of having the best mascara brushes in the whole industry was unparalleled - for it had the passion for innovating on brushes that had been passed from one generation to the next.  

One day,  they had the most fortunate news of having one of the world's top brand, who, (for the purpose of the story teller's preference for  a life outside of prison), we will hide under the name of  L'Ucifer - interested in their brushes.  This will mean an assured income not only for the current employees but for the children of their children beyond.  

Such was great news for this small german company in this small german town!

To finalize the partnership though, they were required to train a representative of L'Ucifer on their mascara brush know-how.

The small german company did as they were asked and gave L'Ucifer's rep the best training  and the most charming hospitality that this small village can muster - they regaled him with german beer and sausages as the little village knew how.  

After the training, all of them were so happy  - for this, was the start of a future brighter than they had ever known.

Days have passed but the finalization of the partnership, in one way or another got delayed.  Days went on, and it was becoming a blur.

One day- they did hear from L'Ucifer but it was not from the managers they spoke to nor the representative they had cradled in training.  It was but rather  from L'Ucifer's stable of lawyers.

L'Ucifer had patented all the technologies that they have been taught by our small german company. 

And the army of lawyers have dropped by to kindly inform our small german brush company that as they have become property of L'Ucifer, that the German company may never use their brush technology ever again.

What ensued after that, little more did I know of.  

But the question that came to my mind is - 

"Can any company who can do this really be worth it?""

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