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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Mac Sweetie

My first MAC lipstick arrived yesterday. I chose "sweetie" after much deliberation and it arrived not much more than 24 hours after I ordered it. Excellent service indeed!

With a sweet vanilla scent that is found in all mac lipsticks this is a beautiful pinky shade that is from the "lustre" finish range. The colour is sheer, almost too sheer in fact, but lovely never-the-less. :)

Disappointingly it seems to fade within as little as an hour and considering the short amount of time it lasts I'd have thought it would be much more moisturising and glossy. I do like sweetie, but I wanted so badly to adore it. I would purchase again from mac, their service was incredible and the quality of the packaging, including the scent is well worth the reasonable cost. On my next lipstick purchase I think i'll stay away from the lustre finish and give satin or matte a try. If you have any colour recommendations let me know!

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