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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Diorshow Iconic and Philosophy Gingerbread man

Bought Dioshow Iconic mascara to attempt to beef up my wimpy eyelashes. One coat of it does a better job than most other mascaras i've tried. The plastic bristles make it easy to apply. I don't get on with bristly brushes, they don't seem to put any product on my lashes at all, just push them out of the way and do nothing!

I'd prefer the mascara to be more thickening, but thickening mascaras seem to only come on those giant vile brushy brush heads that do nothing for me.

I bought the waterproof version and In this regard it does exactly what it says on the tin. Tested in the blizzarding lately it doesn't budge until I purposefully wash it off.

My only real complaint is that it seems to have dried out in the two weeks i've had it. I know mascaras change consistency with use and this is not the only mascara that I've found too dry for my liking after two weeks of use. My no. 7 mascaras, max factor and bourjois all  did this. To be fair I like my mascaras to be thinner and wetter, the only one that remained suitably damp for my taste so far was bourjois liner effect mascara. If only it was suitably thickening and lifting for my flimsy eyelashes!

Considering this level of dryness seems to be the norm i'd wager most people wouldn't really consider this a flaw in the Diorshow and it certainly justifies it's cost as it did more for me in one coat than others do in three.

Sorry for the terrible photo. Freeing cold. Wrapped in duvet!

Today the Philosophy Gingerbreadman lipshine I ordered from ebay arrived. It smells and tastes amazing! It's a shame these things are so hard to get hold of because they really are lovely. This is the first Philosophy product ive had and I'd certainly buy some more!

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