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Sunday, 9 May 2010


It's been a while since I made a post because I've been super busy! 

In other news I managed to trap my nail inside the spring hinge of one of my makeup cases so hard it fractured right the way across, halfway across the nail bed! Yeouch! Oddly enough my nail polish didn't even chip, and I firmly beleive it is all that stop this hairline crack spreading and actually breaking off properly, so, big thumbs up to Max Factor! Their nailfinity polish really does the job! and now you can get hold of it at a bargainous price!!!

Products I've been crushing on lately include Besame's Red Velvet Lipstick (swoon!), Urban Decay Eyeshadow books (Why oh why didn't I discover my love for these while they were still in stores!) and Illamasqua nail polish in the glorious shade "prism"..  Come to me oh lovelies! 

New products awaiting swatches and full review are Sleek's rather lovely Khol eyeliners, and the delightful bohemian limited edition eye palette.

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