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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Review - Ruby and Millie Lipcolour

I bought this lipstick in shade "nude" as part of my quest for the perfect "your lips but better" shade that many people look out for. 

The packaging;

It comes in a sleek silver tube with the branding embossed onto the lid and a window in the top for you to see the actual colour of the lipstick. I really like this feature because it means you aren't having to rely on a swatch. I generally find that sticker swatches are usually way off. 

The colour; 

This colour goes on surprisingly sheer. In the tube it looks rather dull and uninspiring, but improves when applied to skin. With one swipe you get a fleshy peach with golden undertones. Very subtle and quite pretty. To get any colour saturation you have to go over it a handful of times.

(Sorry for the blurry pic)

The formula;

Ruby and Millies lipsticks feel light and creamy on my lips, which is a definite plus for me, I'm not a fan of heavy sticky lipsticks, they tend to sink into fine lines more and dry out your lips. The colour payoff isn't fantastic so this isn't for those who are looking for a big change or something to give their look a lift. On the other hand, for work, a simple polished look or a more natural finish this is definately worth picking up. For a light sheer formula I found it lasted a few hours though It doesn't survive the lunch test.


I like this lipstick a lot, though it isn't in my usual rotation for a few reasons, I prefer something with a little more colour and shine for one. Overall I give it 7/10. 

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