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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rouge de Guerlain

Today my precious Rouge G de Guerlain arrived. After much deliberation I chose shade "Gracia 66" as I wanted an everyday colour that I could wear the hell out of! 

I'm always on the look out for a "my lips but better" shade, as are many of us as you know. My lips are rather stubbornly pigmented and I keep ending up with colours that are taking colour away from my lips rather than adding it! 

Anyway, onto the issue at hand. 

The packaging;

I do like the packaging very much. It's heavy and shiny and that makes it feel rather luxurious. On the other hand it also makes it feel wasteful :S as this can't be refilled and the box is actually part OF the lipstick, not merely a case FOR the lipstick .

The Formula;

Delivers as promised. Lightweight, smooth and non drying. The colour is opaque and has a subtle shimmer but less glossy than I expected given everything I'd read about it. It lasted surprisingly well through dinner and a few drinks and I was really pleased with the wear. I hate it when lipsticks wear more in the middle, leaving a darker ring around the edge of the lips. I'm now wondering what the other shade I liked the look of "Giselle" would look like, but as it's a limited edition I don't think I'll have chance to pick it up before it vanishes into the ether. 

I have to give this lipstick 9/10. It really is fabulous. It doesn't quite get the top marks because I was expecting a tad more shimmer with the ruby claims and what not.  

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