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Monday, 3 January 2011

When you wish upon a...

Jar? Most cosmetic products offer far more than they provide, but in my experience Soap and Glory tend to be actually honest with their claims. Their pore shrink mask promises to temporarily shrink pores, and it does the job beautifully for example.

I've been eyeing the "wish upon a jar" 21 day collagen overhaul creme for a while, even though I'm only 23 i've noticed my skin looking less "awake", less finely textured, in other words - aging. Having quite oily but otherwise well behaved skin I have yet to develop any real wrinkles, but training to be a teacher (more stressful than actually being a teacher, or so I'm told) I'd like to keep that stress off my face.

I picked up a jar with my boots points today for £14. For a soap and glory product that's quite expensive, but for a jar of good moisturiser I find it a decent price. The little pot is a silver sphere and is really quite beautiful. Inside is a pinky pearl creme that is quite thick and almost serum like. Though I am comparing it to my everyday moisturiser the clinique one which is rather runny. The wish creme spreads quite easily and skin feels soft and with an ever so slight tackiness that I find makes makeup application so much easier.

The creme recommends that you remember to use a spf while wearing it due to the renewing effect on the skin, it also interestingly, recommends that you use it for the 21 days only and then wait three months before starting another jar. Sounds like powerful stuff, I can't wait to see how it goes!

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