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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Pain! Oh the pain! (GIVE AWAY!)

Good evening ladies and gents, tonight you are going to help me through one of the most painful activities a makeup and varnish addict like myself, can go through. For tonight... I give up some of my precious treasures, to you, THE INTERBUTTTUBES!

So the haul I have to go through is 95 polishes big! I will go through them, picking and choosing between my 36 purples, 8 glittery blacks and silvers, 15 blues and greens and 35 assorted others.

Some will go to my housemates, as they have dibbs, others will go to the bin and the rest will go up here, as a giveaway!

I have chosen 20 polishes to send to new, loving homes and I will post one a day starting tomorrow. To win the polish you must be a follower (yes it is a cheeky way to get you to read us, but who cares, free stuff right!!) and comment on the post giving the colour a new and fantasmic name! Easy peasy, nothin' to it, no worries, simples!

So tell your family, tell your friends, tell the cat next door, hell, tell that bum down the street, internet cafe's are free right!? Turn up tomorrow for the first of 20 giveaways!


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