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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Doll me up wants new hair!

I've pretty much always had long hair, used to dye it black until the hair dye incident i'm sure you are tired of reading about by now. As it is, I've come to terms with my reddish blackish natural colour, and finally embraced my curls instead of burning them away. My hair is in pretty good nick but as I'm about to embark on a new teaching course, and my housemate has an 8month old who just adores hair - and tries to steal it for her gorgeous self in gallumphing great handfuls (!), it might be time for me to treat it to a good solid pruning.

The hair now;

Digging through the depths of the intertubes I stumbled across a glorious hair style that I think would help me cope with not having lots and lots of princess hair to comb. I present to thee...Marilyn Manson's new girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. Honestly, first Dita wears the exact dress I had in my head for my own wedding (and looks glorious in it I might add), then Manson goes and finds this deliciously coiffed wonder. If I could I'd hire him for all my sartorial decisions, he's a bloomin gold mine for stunningly styled women.

*Grabby hands*

1 comment:

  1. You knows Evie will just try and steal your prettiness in other ways :P

    But I approve, it would very much suit you... Now if only we could find you a hair dye that wouldn't kill you :(

    Or make you sit still long enough for the henna to work :P