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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Caffeinated make-up primer

Just when you thought that there could be no more caffeinated products left to make....

Youthful Trends Caffeinated Make-up Primer
 This nifty little product can be purchased here and promises lots of lovely things such as;

" Youthful Trends Makeup Primer is the world's first caffeinated primer with 100% natural ingredients. Makeup primers are all the rage these days, and they are used to help set your makeup and reduce the appearance of lines while absorbing oils and binding makeup to the skin. Unlike sticky primers and serums, this water based spray dries evenly while hydrating skin and tightening lines. Our spray also helps pores breathe and keeps makeup looking beautiful all day long. It also reduces facial sweating and protects skin from UV damage. This proprietary formula outperforms all other makeup primers and one bottle lasts for many months. It's fantastic stuff works for all skin types and colors, as well as all types of makeup including mineral powders, creams and liquids. Supercharge your makeup regimen today for flawless beauty with the world's first caffeinated skin primer." - Blurb from

If this little beauty does half of what it says I'd be doing a happy dance. As soon as I can get my grabby hands i'll let you know!

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