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Monday, 26 April 2010

What's on my dressing table?

Apart from general untidiness....

Boots Botanics pore perfecting toner - I started using this recently and it does a smashing job of helping to prevent the oilies I always get when I exfoliate well. That's because of the clay it contains, which as well all know, is a skin superhero. 

Aussie Dual Personality Curl serum - Controls my curls, fights frizz and leaves me with soft bouncy hair. All for a reasonable price as well. Heaven.  The amount of products I've paid three times the price for and got results not even half as good! 

Soap and Glory Catch a wrinkle - I use this yummy smelling cream at night mixed with my beloved protect and perfect and it does a good job of leaving me smooth and calmed and ready for sleep. Future me will let you know if it indeed catches wrinkles!

Boots protect and perfect intense serum - Glorious product. A bit pricey mind, at nearly 20 quids a pop, but, you only need to use a little to get all of the goodness from it, and my goodness it's good! I feel that my skin has looked brighter and smoother since I discovered this wonder cream (thanks Mum!) but it makes my skin feel so velvety and calm and happy that I don't even care if it does anything else! 

Soap and Glory brightening balm - Because if I can't feel awake, at least I can look awake! 

The body shop Guarana berry volumising mousse - I feel like it gives my hair a little OOMPH. Though I'm plagued with the occasional frizz like most curly girls, my fine hair (but lots of it!) gets weighed down and irritatingly flat easily. This, combined with the silkyfying properties of my aussie serum, addresses both of those issues.

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