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Sunday, 22 May 2011

YSL Singulier Dior Addict Lipstick

You can totally tell how bad my hayfever is in these photos XD

Anyway, some long overdue reviews. 
YSL Mascara singulier (waterproof version) is fantastic. It's the lovliest mascara i've ever used. At first I hated it because the brush spiked me and the formula was wet and useless. After a while it became amazing. I'm used to the brush now so I don't spike myself in the eye anymore. Buy it. It's wonderful, my eyelashes are awful but with this I can actually see them!

I choose Dior addict lipstick in shade "Millie" which is a mauvey colour and I love it because it's perfect to stop my lips looking so deathly. I think it's the colour they would look naturally if I had any sort of pigmentation to my skin. Goes on smooth, doesn't dry out my lips like my precious MAC sweetie does, lasts a surprisingly long time for a soft lipstick.

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