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Saturday, 7 May 2011

I've gone without make up for two days now...

and I'm not lazy about my makeup. I feel hideous without it. So then, what changed? I hear you cry, and where can I buy this for myself!

The oddest thing is that the past few days wearing no make-up I've had people come up and specifically tell me how well I look, how nice my skin is. It's like an alternate universe!

Trying to figure out what on earth I've done to make my skin even in tone and shrink my pores all of a sudden I came to the conclusion it was a combination of things.

1. Massisvely sun sensitive I've started layering factor 50 face protector (boots soltan) over my clinique dramatically different moisture gel. I have oily skin with patches of desert and rapidly forming early wrinkles and this seems to have done wonders.

2. I've been a good girl and taking my antihistamines properly. I have allergies, all the allergies so i'm supposed to take three antihistamines a day, this gets tedious and expensive, sometimes I'm naughty.

3. I've been "power eating". Determined not to get sick during my final school placement I've been eating a lot of different kinds of nuts and seeds, oat crackers, dried fruit and cheese for lunch instead of normal sandwiches. I'm vegetarian so to up my protein i've chosen to eat more beans and pulses. Normally I get sick immediatley on entering a new school, I have a poor, damaged and ravaged immune system, this time I'm really REALLY trying to give it a boost!

Here's the mandatory photo then,  sorry for the yellow tinge, the lights here are so odd! Without makeup on I can see the couple of freckles on my jaw. I hate them because it doesn't seem a sensible place for freckles!

Me this morning after a long walk in the heat and surprisingly un-shiny!

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