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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tangle Teezer review

I've been wanting to try this for a while, the beads on the bristles of my tigi bedhead brush have started to come off and I was worried about my hair being damaged. I picked up the compact version so I can carry it around in my bag without the bristles getting bent out of shape, a problem I encountered frequently with the Tigi brush.

The tangle teezer is awkward to hold. Perhaps not the big one, but this one is for me. It does the job brilliantly, better than my ouchless tigi brush even but takes longer because it's so awkward to maneuver. The shape is fine, it's the fact that you don't have a handle that's a paid in the backside. I'm sure there's a very good reason for it being a palm brush and is probably part of the reason it tugs so little, but it means that to brush your OWN hair if your hair is very long begins to require an oddly large amount of shoulder and elbow flexibility.

The brush is small (shown here next to a body shop face compact) and I like the clip on bristle cover, though I do not like the hole in the middle of the brush. Oh no I do not like it Sam I am, it makes it feel to me like it will not work as well.

My hair is long, thick and curly and this brush does smooth it out and leave it managable and soft, though mercifully not flattened. The brush claims to work well on curly hair, and it does, but I have noticed that it has a straightening effect which I'm not a fan of but others might love. It can be a little awkward to get the tangles at the back of the neck, again a nice handle would be helpful here XD

All in all it's a nice brush, does what it says on the tin and doesn't ruin your hair, which should save you a fortune in cutting and maintaining, though I'm still not wholly convinced that 10 quid for what feels in your hand like cheep plastic is fair since my lovely Tigi brush only cost me a fiver.

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