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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lush Jackie Oates review

I enjoyed Lush's previous tint offering in light pink, but it was far too dark for my skin and I had to water it down with moisturiser so much it was hardly worth the effort. This new ivory colour is much better. I still mix it with my factor 50 to make the colour more like my real skin though, but as suncream is something I wear every day that isn't a problem, it's just combining two steps in one.

I still powder over this as I find it does next to nothing to stop oil breaking through.

It's not unreasonably priced at 7.50 but that does make me question lush's claims that you can use it straight as a foundation. The formula is a very thick cream, and in such a small jar (the same size as their lip scrubs) I wouldn't want to use it straight for a whole host of reasons. I mix a dab (on the end of one finger) in with a dab of sunblock and find that it gives skin tone improvement over my whole face.

While I do like this product i'm not sure if I would repurchase, my card details went missing in the big lush hack that occured a few months ago now, I bought from them in november and was not at all impressed to find out they still had my card details and information stored in february, It took 40 days for me to get my bank card back after the big fiasco.

Having finally got my card back and thinking everything was fine now, I bought this little pot in store a few days ago. Later I found that my card had been flagged as "retain" to shops, meaning that it had been flagged as stolen by my bank. Thinking the cash machine would tell me what was wrong was a mistake, the machine ate my card. Santander are now sending me a new card, but it will take 10 working days and will be sent to my parents address (I live away from home at university) meaning I have to travel across the country - without a bank card - to get it back.

Now, obviously i'm a bit miffed that my bank flagged my card as stolen when I didn't report it stolen, and then didn't seem to have any idea why the machine ate my card when I called, but once again i'm stuck with no access to my money because the banking world doesn't think Lush can be trusted with card details and when I have to commute to work no fancy bath product is worth sacrificing my card for.

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