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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Liz Earle Sheer Pink Lip Shimmer Review

I got this product at the Liz Earle shop in the Victoria Quarter in leeds. The shop is cool, bright and airy and smells refreshing and uplifting.

While in the shop I sampled the fragrance I had been eyeing and after a long and hot shopping trip I can still smell it strongly on my wrists. I'll definitely be looking into that zesty scent when funds allow!

Anyway, onto the product we are here to review. Served in a tiny pale pink screw top pot emblazoned with the Liz Earle "science flower" as I call it, the name of the product is on the bottom of the pot and is not visible when looking at it normally. A little unusual but by the colour and shape it's fairly obvious what we will find inside.

Unscrewing the lid the product inside is slightly darker, more mauve than the pot itself but carries the same shimmer. Swatched on my (very pale) hand there is a subtle pinky shimmer but no obvious deposit of colour. After the initial swatch I guessed that the product wouldn't show up as colour on my lips, which is fine, but after applying it to my lips I was surprised to see that they do indeed look "pinker". Not having a lot of natural pigment to my lips I didn't expect this at all from such a sheer product. Perhaps the ingredients themselves bring out the colour. Hmm.

While we are on the subject of the ingredients, the product has a really interesting herbal smell, it is one I find pleasant but I admit I was surprised at how "savoury" the scent is compared to lip products I am used to. Upon arriving home I called up the Liz Earle website to check the ingredients as I could swear that the lip shimmer smells of basil! After checking though there is no basil in this product so I'm not entirely sure which of the ingredients I am picking up. The earthy herbal smell is a comforting one though and it smells like you are putting something good for your lips on rather than a cosmetic product, which I suppose is true!

Overall I'm already enjoying using this product. I hate how lipsticks leave a mark around the edge of your lips when you don't have time to maintain them, but having so little natural pigment I'm always looking for a maintenance free way to look a little more awake during the day or at work. This product will almost certainly enter my regular rotation right alongside my beloved lanolips.

Pictures: Myself looking a little worse for wear after being rained on and tired after running around leeds all day!

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